Located in a semi-rural area of East Maitland, an appealing natural environment is the setting for the students’ journey through their school education – one which is rich with discovery, imagination and deep engagement. Here they can learn, grow, and develop a sense of purpose as individuals, and as part of a contemporary community.

Steiner education endeavours to guide and nourish the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of each student through approaches and activities appropriate to the early childhood, primary and secondary school stages – building the capacity, confidence and love for learning in a changing world.

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Linuwel Steiner School: School at Home – Primary School

May 11th, 2020|Comments Off on Linuwel Steiner School: School at Home – Primary School

We intentionally adopted a slow schooling approach in term 1 in recognition of the enormous stress impacting almost everyone in various ways. A SharePoint site was set up that parents would be able to [...]

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Linuwel ngarralbaa marrungbu Wonnarua guridjar waa barray
Nyiirun marrungbu yii barra-marrung waa guri guba barrayba
Nyiirun marrungbu gurila bangay butunga ngarraba waa djuya
barray waa guwiyn-baa
Ginyaang-djukal nguka ngarraba waa gatha nyiirunang

Linuwel School respectfully acknowledges the Wonnarua people as the traditional custodians of the land upon which our school lives.
We acknowledge that this beautiful country has been cared for by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for over 60 thousand years, living in harmony with nature.
We give thanks to elders past, present and future for sharing, through stories, their spiritual knowledge and wisdom of this land and her sacred places.
It is a blessing to learn, share and grow together.

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