Christie spent the majority of her schooling years at Linuwel – from Kindergarten to year 10. Six years later she graduated from university and began work as a Speech Pathologist, working with adults with acquired communication and swallowing difficulties. Christie moved to Wollongong as a new grad and from there to Sydney to work in various senior and specialist roles. She moved back to Newcastle a few years ago to start a family.

When hearing of her educational history, Christie is often asked if she found the transition from Linuwel to a Catholic school difficult, to which she always answers the same way – not at all! She never felt at a disadvantage and thrived in the new environment, becoming a student leader in year 12 and far exceeding her own expectations in the HSC. Christie believes that her teachers at Linuwel played a critical role in shaping the person she is today. By nurturing, rather than suppressing, her strong will, inquisitive nature and desire to be challenged, she has been able to tackle new situations with confidence and is committed to advocating for those who cannot do so for themselves. She also continues to enjoy using the creative skills she developed at Linuwel including painting, crafts and woodwork. Christie believes the experiences shared – including performing in plays, playing sport and going on camping trips – helped forge strong bonds between students, with her closest friends to this day being those made at Linuwel.

Christie looks forward to her sons going to Linuwel – with her elder starting Preschool next year – so they may enjoy all the benefits she received through what she believes to be a well rounded education.