Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school website and read the “Information for Parents” brochure.

Enrolment involves an interview process. To arrange for an interview, please ring the School Office on 02 4933 3095. If there is a vacancy for which you can apply, the relevant class teacher will contact you to arrange a meeting with you and the child. At this meeting the parents and child see the school environs and classrooms and are introduced to the operation of the school and basic principles of Steiner education. In turn the teacher learns about the child and is informed of any factors which may have a bearing on the child’s school life.

If the school is willing to accept the child and the parents want to enrol them, they will be given an enrolment form to complete and advised of the next steps.

If there is a waiting list for the class, you can request for your child’s name to be added to the list and you will be contacted when a vacancy arises.

When considering an enrolment application for the Kindergarten, the teacher may take into consideration: the date of application; the enrolment of siblings in the school; and the parent(s)’ demonstrated commitment to Rudolf Steiner education.

Acceptance of additional students into classes 1-10 is at the discretion of the class teacher, taking into consideration the size and dynamics of the class as well as the factors above.

A diversity of backgrounds is welcomed within the school.