“A not-for-profit company with a Board-appointed principal and an active College of Teachers”.


The School is a not-for-profit company under the jurisdiction of the ACNC. The Company comprises about 14 Members from whom the six Company Directors are elected. The Board of Directors is responsible for the proper operation of the School and the School’s strategic direction. They delegate the day-to-day management of the School to the Principal, whom they appoint.

The School has a Business Manager, Principal, Deputy Principal and coordinators in the primary school and high school. In accordance with the Company Constitution there is an Education Committee comprising the Principal, Deputy Principal, Realm Coordinators and one – two other experienced teachers. This Committee is responsible for setting and implementing the education policy in the School. This is done in close collaboration with the teaching staff and generally consensus is reached on educational and administrative matters.

Each class teacher is responsible for accepting new enrolments and liaising with parents on all matters pertaining to the students in their class.

Greig Scott – Business Manager

I started my career teaching maths at Darwin High School, before sailing and travelling overseas. On returning I married Diana and taught maths, science and outdoor activities at Scotch College in Adelaide, then joined the RAN as an Instructor Officer where I taught electronics before moving into training development and admin.

In 1989 I started the High School at Linuwel, teaching just about everything. This was an exciting and challenging venture. After 5 years I took over a primary class (which I really enjoyed) when the School’s founders, Ron and Margaret, left, and shortly after assumed responsibility for the School. Since then the School has grown, and we have completed over 15 building projects. In 2001 I initiated a senior studies programme – another enjoyable teaching experience. Now it is satisfying to be supporting the staff in making this School the special place it is, staying in touch with changes in school education in the wider world, and looking to the future to ensure that the education we provide is contemporary, relevant, professional and consistent with Steiner’s indications.

Camps and outdoor activities remain a passion – they are an important part of the education Linuwel provides – and I also enjoy travelling, singing, current affairs, reading, the arts, and furthering my understanding of Steiner Education and its underlying spiritual basis.

Tracey O’Leary – Head of School/Education Leader

I have had a long association with Steiner Education and have been teaching at Linuwel since 1994 when I began as a part time dance teacher. My role at the school quickly grew and I became a full time high school guardian in 1996. Since then I have completed two high school cycles and an eight year primary cycle. In 2014 I took on the role of Education Leader.

I have a Bachelor of Children’s Literature and an Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education. Teaching became a part of my biography early in life, achieving dance teaching qualifications in my teens through the Royal Academy of Dance (London) and British Ballet Association (Australian branch). I taught a classical ballet unit at University of Western Sydney and danced professionally in various companies such as Folklorico Australia and the corps de ballet of Opera Australia. My passion for dance and acknowledgement of traditional dance’s integral role in cultural identity saw me teaching in schools throughout multicultural Australia, travelling to New Zealand, Asia and Europe to study, perform, choreograph and teach dance styles.

I have more recently facilitated orientations and inductions for new intakes of students at the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College and taught units of the Advanced Diploma course offered by the College.

I am committed to the belief that Linuwel School should continue to strive to provide an arts based educative experience that encourages students to be their authentic, individual best through the development of a strong will, healthy social life and clear, critical thinking. Through this path, the school will endeavour to equip our students to meet our contemporary world with purpose and direction.